Vinny DeCalaban

Love, wealth, happiness - Vinny predicts your future!


Appearance: An ordinary, unassuming man in his early 20’s, Vinny DeCalaban generally has two modes: off and on. When he is on, Vinny looks 5 years older and projects an air of power and subtle menace. His eyes become more knowing, his voice gets deeper, and he seems a foot taller. When he is off (as in “off the clock”), he is a tired young man.

Height: 5’9"
Build: Thin
Hair: Short and brown
Eyes: Hazel


Personality: Vinny DeCalaban is a very minor psychic and a showman, two talents that he has combined to start his own business of telling people’s fortunes. In the Shantytowns of the ‘Burbs, life is hard and, Vinny figures, people want to latch on to any kind of hope they can that things aren’t always going to be this bad. So they turn to Vinny’s Fortune Telling, where an earnest-sounding man who seems to know things—things they haven’t told a single soul—tells them of their future.

While he knows he is preying upon people’s insecurities and fears, Vinny is also trying to make a living in Babel. He has made a modest living at his profession, enough for him to own his own two-room shack along one of the main boulevards of Babel. The windowless wooden shack consists of a back bedroom and a large front area that serves as a combination kitchen / living room.

Information: Vinny is a very observant and insightful young man and parlays his ability to read people’s eyes and body language into a profession. This, combined with the psychic ability to read surface thoughts and a person’s aura, makes Vinny’s Fortune Telling a moderate success in Babel’s tiny magic scene. Now that Vinny has met Indy, his standing within that scene will likely increase significantly.

Vinny has seen first-hand the physical changes undergone by Indy’s rival Psi-Stalker, Content Not Found: Decker.

Vinny DeCalaban

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