Sir Lloyd

Mrs. Brisby's bodyguard


A tall, muscular Wolfen, Sir Lloyd looks the stereotypical knight, albeit a more modern one. He stands regal in modern armour that is styled to look like ancient plate armour and a white tabard bearing his coat of arms. He has a large, bushy tail tied with ribbons of the same colour as his coat of arms.

Height: 6’2"
Build: Muscular
Hair/fur: Dark grey with streaks of a much lighter grey all round the face
Eyes: Brown


Personality: Sir Lloyd is stoic and often seems humourless. He is constantly watching for danger and silently assesses the threat potential of every person who visits Mrs. Brisby. He speaks formally and courteously to everyone.

Information: Sir Lloyd is a Wolfen from the Palladium dimension who has found his way to Rifts Earth. Upon seeing the state of the world, he took up the cause of a Cyber-Knight and trained hard to get his spurs. After wandering North America for a few years, helping the helpless and righting wrongs, he fell in with a Crazy named Widdershins and, somehow, the partnership worked. Sir Lloyd and the Crazy wandered into the ’Burbs of Chi-Town and found regular employment with Mrs. Brisby and were with her when she set up shop in Babel.

Sir Lloyd

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