Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

Terminus 003

What a close call! You were caught dead to rights by a Free Quebec recon squad but you had the foresight to hide the artifact before you could be caught with it. Billy also had to temerity to stand tall and meet Lt. Pierre Desrochers’ squad head on, with confidence, an action that may very well have saved your lives and prevented a tragic firefight. He also may have made a friend of the Quebecois lieutenant, something that might come in handy one day.

That night, while searching for any listening devices that Lt. Desrochers’ squad may have left behind in the forest, Brenna found the bog monster. With Killian downed by a debilitating flu, you fought with only three, but Brenna’s pyrokinetics and Victor’s crazy Juicer risk-taking brought the thing down with a thud. What the hell was that thing, and why did it want to take Victor home with it?

The next day, you set off again, hoping that Desrochers’ info was right and hoping you don’t run into any more military-grade combat bots. There is still a very long way to go.


Brenna’s Journal 3-1
So my life nowadays apparently consists of horrible over-excitement in between long stretches of horrible boredom. I like Billy, but he’s not very exciting. I think the military sucked all the fun out of him. Mostly we all just sit around & try to find stuff to do. I’d still take this over a firefight or terrible monsters.

Brenna’s Journal 3-2
Well, that was messed up. Vic & I scouted out some smoke we saw on the horizon, which, of course, ended up with us getting shot at. On the upside, Vic scored a cool hoverbike because other dude hit a tree. In his enthusiasm, he brought the fight back to Billy & Killian. Fortunately, Betty the Bot has a big gun. Our best guess is that it was some kinda merc gang, and those assholes left nothing in that village. Billy helped me build a pyre for the people, they deserved that much.
I almost hated to do it, be we took what we could from what was left.

Killian & Vic took a field trip into this little town we’ve come across. Billy’s holed up in his bot. I don’t think he’s ok. Part of me want to just leave him his space, more of me wants to make sure he’s ok.

Brenna’s Journal 3-3
Things I Got/Did In Town:

  1. Hair done
  2. Nails done
  3. Mani/Pedi
  4. Facial
  5. New Dress
  6. New Outfit
  7. 2 pairs of shoes
  8. Facial cleanser
  9. Nail polish
  10. Ate the Catch of the Day
  11. Had shrimp
  12. Homemade hair conditioner recipe
  13. Ice Cream!
  14. Rented a boat

Brenna’s Journal 3-4
I love this town! I wish we could stay here. No one is scared of me here; because they don’t know. I can visit the water whenever I want, I even got to rent a boat! The water isn’t perfect here, not like home, but it was calm and bright that day and just enough wind. God, I’ve missed sailing. Billy had never been on a boat, I couldn’t believe it! He seemed nervous on the water, but I think he enjoyed it. He asked me to help him pick out some new clothes, and I think we picked out some good stuff; comfortable & durable & not military. He cleans up pretty good. Really good, actually. We go for ice cream almost every day. I love it. I might not ever taste it again, and I want to enjoy it as much as I can. (The ice cream.) And the company’s good (and not to hard on the eyes). The more he loosens up, the more I think I like him.

Brenna’s Journal 3-5
I got a job! Killian was so popular at the hospital that they asked him to stay for waaaay more money, and Betty still needed more work, so we stayed put. I felt kind of useless what with the guys working so hard, so I landed a spot on a boat! We hunted sea monsters! It was really exciting! We took down a giant squid (calamari for dinner, yum!), and fought off pirates! And I didn’t once have to use my fire! I hope we come back here on the way home. If we didn’t have to take that stupid thing across the continent. I’d want to stay here forever.

Terminus 003

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