Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

Terminus 002

Disaster has struck your mercenary family of the last several months! While escorting some very important magical artifacts westward, Fulbright’s 50 was set upon by an platoon of the Coalition’s shock troops—Skelebots! The fight was short, but the platoon came in from multiple directions while a couple of SAMAS power armour suits occupied Fulbright’s heavy guns from the air. Then came the UAR-1 Enforcer bot and word of more Skelebots accompanying a Coalition Mark V transport.

Through tenacity and superior firepower, the remains of Fulbright’s 50 escaped and rendezvoused to debrief and plan the next stage of their journey. You learned of the precious cargo you were carrying: The Mobius, a magical artifact of great power that could turn the tide of the upcoming war between the Coalition States and the magical free-state of Tolkeen. In order to protect the artifact until it can be studied at an institute of magical learning on the west coast, Fulbright’s 50 would have to split up into many small teams so that anyone looking for the Mobius would have many false leads to chase.

But why the hell did they entrust the real thing to a band of rookies?


Brenna’s Journal 2-1
OK. So we’re lost in the Canadian Wilderness. Great.

First things first, we grab a map and figure out where we’re gonna go. And how we’re going to get there. I gently removed the map from Billy; North seemed to be eluding him. We hitched my car to the truck to save gas. I’m driving the truck; Victor & Billy are going in the robot. Her name is Betty.

Killian is going to spend this first leg trying not to die. He’s caught some kind of death-flu. I could probably help if he had chills, but I don’t think I can do anything for his fever. Poor guy, this is no place to be sick.

Brenna’s Journal 2-2
Eventful day is an understatement. First we get searched by the Free Quebec military, Vic & Billy had to do an emergency Bury & Hide while I set up a fake camp as fast as I could. Thank god Killian was actually sick, he gave us an excuse. I tried not to shit my pants the whole time. So to be sure we we’re OK, Billy did a scan and Vic & I physically checked each side of camp. Oh, did I mention the giant bog monster? Holy Shit! For the first time ever, I almost ran out of fire! Vic is some kind of insane badass; he was being carried off to be Horrible’s new teddy bear, and he shot up along his own head to get this thing in the face! This man has no fear, or he’s batshit insane. Probably both.

I’m not sure how it happened, but we’re a pretty well-mixed group: Billy is the military knowledge, Killian is our scientist, Vic is a friggin’ tank and I’m… I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be. So far I’ve just lit a bunch of fires. In a good way, mind you. I’m helping… I think.

Oh god. I need to sleep.

Terminus 002

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