Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

Terminus 001

For the last few months, you have been employed by the mercenary company, Fulbright’s 50. It is a group on a holy mission, as its leader, Captain Horatio Ignatius Fulbright, has recently discovered that he is the demigod son of the Babylonian god, Bel Marduk. Since learning of his heritage, Captain Fulbright has dedicated his life and his unit to fighting the forces of evil: demons, deevils, warlords, slavers, allies of the Splugorth, rift monsters, and even human organizations who oppress the people (ie. The Coalition).

Fulbright’s 50 specializes in courier work, transporting dangerous goods, escorting caravans, and protecting items of power and pre-Rifts artifacts. As rookies of the group, you have been assigned the difficult and mundane jobs and have endured good-natured ribbing from the group’s more senior members, but find a great sense of satisfaction from doing good in the world.


Brenna’s Journal 1-1

Today, we travel! I drove. A lot.
We’re trying to drop off some artifact that’s crazy off-limits; it’s all locked up and sequestered away.
OMG, we’ve been attacked! It took me two tries, but I managed to make a huge lake of fire under an Enforcer. (Also, one beside him, but I was close.) Billy shot it to death, that was good, because I was starting to get tired. Orders came down to abandon camp, so Hux & I packed up what we could in a hurry & hauled ass out behind the crate-truck.

New plan: we’re all going to split up & try to get to Seattle; a real team & a bunch f decoys. And guess who gets the real deal? That’s right! Something called a Mobius. Don’t know what that is, but it sounds scary as hell.

So off we head across Canada. Monster-filled, horrible Canada. Fun!

A little worried about what’ll happen to me if/when I get close to a nexus, though. Might be scary, might be fun!

Terminus 001

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