Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

Success! Your group is now whole again and at maximum combat readiness, which is great because it seems the political situation in your new home, the ’Burb Shantytown of Babel, is rapidly becoming unstable. The loose alliance of gang bosses that runs Babel is getting looser by the day. The Alkali Beasts are in active conflict with Shea Stadiuim and the rest of the council is trying to keep the peace while at the same time choosing sides and hoping to be on the winning team. And with the gang leaders warring on the council, the respective gangs are hunkering down to prepare for war

This instability comes at the worst possible time: a Coalition patrol will be coming Babel’s way in the next few days, and if they see how chaotic the Shantytown’s situation is, they may decide an all-out Purge is in order, razing the entire ’Burb and everyone within. And since your party is made up of Coalition military escapees, you do not welcome a full-scale assault where you may be discovered.

A quick trip to Mrs. Brisby provided a short-term answer that might prevent additional Coalition scrutiny: not one, but two assassination jobs…



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