Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

AWOL 001

So you’ve ended up in prison. You thought you were doing the right thing. You had faith in the system, but somehow or another, that system has failed you. Or betrayed you. You knew you were different from the others. You had the audacity to think for yourself, to challenge the authorities under which you were raised, to dare to “do the right thing.” Not the institutional “right thing” demanded of you by the system, but the honest and true “right thing” that allows everyone to live in peace.

You have been placed in adjoining cells, able to communicate with each other but not close enough to touch. Every day you are taken out for exercise, but kept under supervision by your jailers. Your fellow inmates are in for various offenses ranging from assault to murder, but very few of them speak treasonous thoughts or anti-Coalition attitudes. You hope that, at some point, you will be permitted to retain legal counsel in order to plead your case.



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