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I hope everyone’s ready for a heavy dose of action, lasers, monsters, explosions, magic and other assorted excitement. From this point on, anything goes. While I may have an overarching story in mind for the group, you the players are free to take it as far afield or as close to the plan as you like. If you’re not sure about something, just ask, and remember that I love your characters and would prefer them to not die right away. But lest you feel that your character might be immortal, I also have no problem with doing terrible, terrible things to your character if the situation (and often, the die rolls) warrant it.

Because the game will meet only monthly, there will be a lot of time between games. I would like to encourage all players to think about the game and their characters during the downtime, and write me some character background or game data. This can take the form of a character diary, a list of quotes from the game, a mission report, or whatever. Be creative, and use your imagination. The more useful or interesting submissions will win experience points or other in-game goodies. Occasionally, I may ask for a specific kind of submission, but it is completely optional.

This goes double for in-game. If your character takes tremendous risks, comes up with a detailed plan, kills the player group with laughter, or even lands a really lucky shot at a dramatically appropriate moment, you’ll likely get bonus experience points for it. That said, avoiding needless violence, talking down an opponent, or dealing with a difficult situation completely in character will also qualify for bonus experience. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement, role-playing, and most importantly, SUPER HAPPY FUN TIMES!




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Main Page

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