Ghosts in the Mainline

The Ghosts in the Mainline would be relegated to mid-card status but for one facet: their leader, Content Not Found: Githzerai, is said to be indestructible. While there are no direct witnesses to attest to Githzerai’s immortality, the rumour mill is rife with stories of the many battles he has won for his gang. Physically, Githzerai is a hard-eyed man with long red hair, and always dressed in a well-tailored suit. He rarely appears in public, opting instead to let his minions do all the work. He is thought to be some kind of undead, as he is never seen outside in the daytime.

The Ghosts deal in information, particularly information relating to the Coalition and its allies. They operate a small pirate radio broadcast available to Babel and a few of the surrounding ‘Burbs. Surprisingly, this station has been operating for two years without interruption, meaning it’s been able to avoid Coalition attention.

The Ghosts gather inside a converted hangar, with lots of large rooms and open space everywhere. Concrete bunkers scattered around the grounds provide cover, and a network of gantries and catwalks allow for multiple firing lines from above. Two of the gang’s lieutenants, Kelvin Montaigne and Chellseus, are Bursters.

Recently, the gang has been assaulted by an unknwon Coalition hit squad, possibly the same one that nullified Aftermarket and killed its leader, Phenex. Fully 10% of the Ghosts were taken down in a single fight, and after taking on the entire squad single-handedly, Githzerai, in his mercy, allowed the Coalition group to live so they could tell their masters that Githzerai would never be beaten. Mainline Radio announces that the gang is currently seeking beings who think they can do better against Coalition soldiers than the previous squad, and reports that the Ghosts have no shortage of applicants knocking on their door.

Ghosts in the Mainline

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