Of the many gangs represented in Babel‘s ruling council, Aftermarket is among the most powerful and influential. Involved in the importing of exotic foodstuffs and other luxuries, Aftermarket’s supplies cater more to the other gangs’ epicurean tastes. If thre are luxuries to be found in Babel—ornate jewelry, objets d’art, tricked out vehicles, rare wines and spirits, even pre-Rifts artifacts deemed especially valuable—it’s a safe bet that Aftermarket had a hand in importing it.

The gang is populated with the quick and the larcenous, those who are not just good in a fight but have a good eye and taste for the finer things in life. Many City Rats with an abundance of street knowledge lead the brawnier members of the gang to the goods, and the muscle liberate it. Escape and evasion is handled by other City Rats, and all of the stolen goods are routed through the gang’s posh headquarters in a refurbished three-story hotel, complete with Olympic-sized swimming pool in the back. Once through the doors of the Warehouse, as the people in Babel call it, all resemblance to a commercial hotel are dispelled. Rumours abound that Aftermarket has underground tunnels spidering out from the sub-levels of the building.

Until recently the gang was led by Phenex, a female Headhunter with extensive bionic systems in her limbs, including weapon arms and a shoulder cannon and possibly other systems not widely known outside the gang. The most elaborate bionic system implanted into Phenex is the set of skeletal wings sprouting from her back. Contrary to what rumour says, the “fingers” of the wings are not tipped with poison and can not be fired as missiles. They do, however, appear to be fully articulated and extendable.

It remains to be seen how this loss of leadership will affect the group’s activities in Babel and who will step up to lead the gang going forward. There is already some infighting as members jostle for leadership, and a rather sizeable bounty has been offered for any information leading to Phenex’s killers. Their position in the Council has been severely weakened, which has seriously shaken up their allies.


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