Mrs. Brisby

Babel's job broker


Appearance: A thin anthropomorphic rat (actually, a Ratling from the Palladium world), Mrs. Brisby has a kind, rheumy-eyed face and a wan smile. Her smoke-grey fur is punctuated with white around her eyes and nose. While old and very slim, Mrs. Brisby is still strong of limb and sharp of mind. She is moderately near-sighted and wears corrective lenses in the style of night-vision goggles.

Height: 4’9"
Build: Gaunt
Hair/fur: Smoke-grey, whitening around the eyes and nose.
Eyes: Gold


Personality: Mrs. Brisby is often seen bundled up in sweaters and blankets, complaining about the cold, and knitting a blanket or some article of clothing. She almost always has the kettle on and is generous with her time. She enjoys talking with the “young people,” as she describes anyone younger than her, and always has a job available for anyone wanting to help out or needing money.

Information: Everyone in Babel knows Mrs. Brisby as a job broker. She always knows of people who need help and are willing to pay for it, everything from cleaning a basement to retrieving a stolen item to ridding a neighbourhood of a cybergang to capturing a live dragon. How she attained this position of knowledge and prestige is unknown, but it is rumoured that she works for an anti-Coalition organization (possibly the Knights of Colombo, possibly the Quiet Riot) that is spread out across many different ’Burbs.

Lest anyone try to take advantage of Mrs. Brisby, she is always accompanied by a pair of bodyguards who hold her in great respect and would die for her. These bodyguards are a Wolfen Cyber-Knight named Sir Lloyd and a human Crazy named Widdershins.

Mrs. Brisby

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