Death Weaver, cannibal god


Appearance: A giant black spider with a white death’s head on its abdomen and a vaguely human head.

Height: 8’ tall, 8’ long


Personality: Axioxtl is an old and powerful being who has declared itself a deity and has gathered around itself a cult of cannibal worshippers. For a self-styled god, Axioxtl is surprisingly grounded and compassionate, caring for its people and taking its responsibility as protector quite seriously. The Death Weaver seems content with its status and doesn’t care to expand its territory or gain additional followers.

Information: The Death Weavers are ancient being, said to have been ignored by the gods as vermin. With the return of magic to Rifts Earth, the Death Weavers have become incredibly powerful, attuned to the magical energies that crisscross the globe. Axioxl is able to receive faint visions of the future, which it uses to care for its people and protect them from harm.

Axioxtl has taken up residence in an old temple complex. The main ziggurat is full of twisty corridors and various rooms. The main worshipping chamber is large and lofty, with tiered rows of seats surrounding an open floor. On the north side of the chamber is a wide, steep stairway leading to a platform where kings or priests once sat. here is where Axioxtl addresses his people or deals with individuals. At the back of this platform is a series of chambers where Axioxtl meditates, eats, and lives. No one has seen what horrors may lie in these chambers.


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