Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

Terminus 003.5

Hudson Wheigh, gateway to Hudson Bay! A tiny, xenophobic metropolis in the middle of nowhere, this little city is an oasis in the northwestern Ontario wilderness. Killian, Billy, and Brenna have managed to gain access to the city and are looking to exchange work and expertise for a great discount on armour plates for “Betty,” Billy Armitage’s NG-V7 Hunter Mobile Gun robot. And who is left to watch over the robot, truck, car and, oh yeah, the magical artifact that everyone wants? That’s right, Victor Kingston, Juicer chump!

After an entire day of utter boredom and counting how many blades of grass are physically touching the feet of the giant robot—677 (676 if that ant walks towards the top of the blade of grass)—you vow to find something more useful to do when they leave you alone again. Or, at the very least, something way more fun and exciting…



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