Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

Heterodox 002

Your employer is dead, and his friends and enemies alike are aware of it. One or more of them has alerted the authorities, forcing your flight from the monster-ruled island nation of Atlantis. A mysterious ley line walker calling himself Abernathy has aided your escape, directing you to someone who can help you, but before he could give you more information, the stone pyramid in which you were hiding was hit by Kittani soldiers and a Serpent power armour suit. During the battle, the pyramid itself was damaged and your doorway to freedom sent you to an unintended location—Mexico, a land full of danger and inhuman monsters.

Aside from immediate survival, many questions need to be answered: Did Idris act subconsciously when killing Aerthos, or was he somehow manipulated into doing so? If the latter, then who did it? How did Aerthos’ enemies send the authorities after you so quickly? What caused Aerthos’ madness in the first place? And where is the help promised by Abernathy? Finally, and most importantly, what are you going to do now?



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