Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

AWOL 008

Who knew archaeology could be so exciting and dangerous? Your first sortie into the ruins of Old Chicago has been a relative success. With the communications equipment in Bootsy, the Coalition military forces routinely patrolling the ruins assume you are one of them, and Katelyn’s familiarity with higher-level decryption codes and IFF protocols—being an officer has its perks, after all—the group withstood radar scrutiny with very little trouble.

The trouble began while doing recon in the upper floors of the mostly-sunken ruins of your employers’ chosen building. As the scientists were setting up the dig site, Alex and Indy set up snares and alarms around the perimeter of the building ad Kate and King went downstairs to explore. King had the good fortune to find a Thornhead Demon, which made mincemeat out of King and Kate’s armour with its massive rack of antlers. Even with reinforcement from the rest of the group, the Thornhead Demon was a tough nut to crack, what with its immense build and ability to use magic. You only managed to escape after throwing the Thornhead down the stairwell and hurling grenades after it. And a good thing you did, too, because that Thornhead had angered a giant demonic Blow Worn which shot up the stairwell and out into the open, where it was dealt with by Coalition forces.

You guys just ran and left valour for another day, and have since found another site to explore. Let’s hope this one has fewer giant worms and demons in it.



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