Rifts: A Life Less Ordinary

AWOL 006

The hit on Githzerai did not go as expected. The Ghosts in the Mainline gang boss’ reputation as an immortal is well deserved. During the battle within the Ghosts hangar base, he transformed into a thirty-foot-long dragon, a transformation which shocked not only your party but every single one of the Ghosts in the hangar base except the two Burster lieutenants. As if that wasn’t enough, the ultimate sponsor of the assassination order was none other than Githzerai himself, who wanted to see who among the ’Burb denizens was up to the task of killing him.

With your passion for freedom and unwillingness to subject yourself to anymore cruel masters, you have convinced Githzerai to use his influence to mediate the petty bickering between the Alkali Beasts and Shea Stadium, thereby giving the expected Coalition flyby no gang war to object to. You have also convinced him that there is something in or about Babel that is worth saving, and he is eager for you to show him just what that something is.

So now that the immediate crisis has been averted and Babel undergoes a minor power shuffle, what lies in store for our intrepid former CS soldiers? Your combat ’borg is in dire need of expensive repair, your psychics have been stretching their powers to their limit during reconnaissance, and your reluctant leader will soon receive an important and potentially dangerous communique.



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